Pine Beach Pakoštane

Nature blessed Vrgada with the beauty of a lively coastline, fertile fields and a fragrant pine forest; it also adorned it with thirteen small islands that are like a strewn necklace. Those who want to see ÔÇťThe Mediterranean as it once wasÔÇŁ should come here ÔÇô to Vrgada where history turns its pages in slow motion. Here you are still awakened by the silence in the night, during the day one forgets the meaning of hurrying and that somewhere on the mainland cars are still rushing by, while on the beach, in the deep shade of pine trees, hundreds of crickets set the unique atmosphere of summer madness.
If you are a tourist, come, the beaches with golden sand are not a marketing trick, they are the long-lasting heritage and natural adornment of Vrgada. In Vrgada, as in times long past, tourists are still greeted on a mule.