The most prestigious and demanding Croatian adventure race, which is also a World Cup qualifier, was won by the Swedish team USWE ADVENTURE. In the 73 hours it took them to win, they slept a total of an hour and a half.
A story that dates back to 1989 was just the idea of ​​creating a unique discipline that would explore the limits of human endurance, growing year by year into an ever-expanding adventure, part of which became Croatia.

The Adventure Race Croatia, which is one of nine World Series of Adventure Racing (ARWS) races, departed from the town of Pag on September 10, the largest group kayak event in the history of Croatian adventure racing. The trail consisted of 17 challenging sections, of which 300 kilometers had to be cycled, about 160 by foot or by running, and 66 kilometers by kayaking. One should not forget the descent down the ropes and the difficult orientation when finding control points. The second edition of the largest Croatian adventure race, Adventure Race Croatia, delighted but also completely exhausted adventure runners from 17 countries, gathered in 41 four-member teams. After 73 hours and 9 minutes of continuous action within which they slept for only an hour and a half, the target plane on the sandy beach of Pine Beach in Pakostane was first passed by the Swedish team USWE ADVENTURE.
"The trail was beautiful. Very diverse, but also extremely difficult, "said a happy and tired member of the winning team, Magnuss Woxholtt-Jensen.
Behind them are more than 500 kilometers of demanding, but equally astonishingly beautiful trails that mostly traversed the Velebit Karst, river canyons and vast expanses of Zadar County. The only Croatian team, SPACE GOATS, successfully finished the race in 30th place in just under 100 hours.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that we, together with five local Tourist boards (Zadar, Nin, Pag, Starigrad-Paklenica and Dugi Otok),  are host to the largest adventure race in the Republic of Croatia and that one of the registered teams participated in the unique swimming and racing competition „Škojatlon“ in Pakoštane on September 7, 2019. This is a competition that three islands of Pakoštane, Sv. Juštinica, Školj and Babuljaš, connects in a playful, swimming racing rhythm, in a way that competitors swim to every islet and then have to run it. After, but also before, the summer filled with entertainment and cultural programs, in the pre-season and post-season we strive to express a sporting character that attracts active participants who are eager to try the untouched roads and get to know the regional character. Škojatlon is a continuation of the Sweet-Salty Adventure project, which aims to connect and present visitors  the best natural and cultural attractions into a unique experiential entity. The Pakoštane trail dm blue and green is also part of this project, a race that runs through the most beautiful parts of the Pakoštane municipality and connects Lake Vrana on one side and the sea and islands on the other. ", said Danijela Vulin, director of the Pakoštane Tourist Board.

More information about Adventure Race Croatia can be found on the official race site