Mountain biking club Pakoštane has organised cycling tour on the occasion of their 5th birthday.
In cooperation with Pakoštane Tourist Board, Fun Park Biograd, Nature Park Vransko Lake and Camp Vransko Lake Crkvine, mountain biking club Pakoštane organized a bicycle tour on the occasion of their 5th birthday. Cyclists of all ages were led by experienced club members, including many children. The gathering, already traditionally, was in the center of the town in the seafront, from where they cycled to the largest amusement park in Croatia, the Fun Park Biograd. They were greeted by mascot Funny with sweet fritters and all the children had the opportunity to try the Carousel attraction while their elders enjoyed the Beerfest event. After a short break, they continued to the Nature Park Vransko Lake, where they visited an ornithological reserve and observed birds and experienced their abilities in the newly opened adrenaline park in a unique landscape, near the info center of Crkvina, in the pine forest. At Camp Crkvine they had lunch and birthday cake and had fun in the DJ program. By bicycle tour they celebrated their 5th and 20th birthday of the Nature Park Vransko Lake, which is a unique example of the symbiosis of sports and nature.