“Enclosed by a drywall, on a slope above the sea, where the serenity of the sky and the blue of the sea merge, in a stony red garden, an olive grove lasts in the rocky area. Green of primeval nature. Playful in space. Branched in growth. Humble as a man who cultivates it! ”
The importance of the olive tree, its origins and its cultivation have been discussed by many Greek philosophers, historians and doctors. Hippocrates has prescribed olive oil for more than sixty different diseases and health problems. In addition to becoming the basis of nutrition, it was traded and paid for. Many symbolic meanings were given to the olives so it became a symbol of peace, life, abundance, eternity, health, learning and wisdom. It is long-lived, so its trees can reach thousands of years. Moreover, it is almost immortal - after two hundred years, self-sapling shoots erupt at the site of the old tree.

In honor of this miraculous tree, the Festival of Young Olive Oils is being organized for the third year in a row in Mašković Han. It is organized by the Agency han Vrana and in cooperation with the Municipality of Pakoštane, the Institute for Public Health Zadar and the Tourist Board Pakoštane.

 "The goal is to train our locals and help them improve the quality of olive oils, which is one of the distinctive indigenous products our municipality offers. We continue what we started two years ago and it should be emphasized that there are more than 100,000 olive trees in the municipality (Pakostane, Drage, Vrana and Vrgada), and rarely that of the 1,700 families lacks olives. ”- says the mayor Milivoj Kurtov.

Considering the achieved results, it can therefore be said that more and more olive growers in this area are choosing to produce high quality olive oils. This indicates, Erceg points out, that our olive growers are becoming more educated, that they are implementing all agrotechnical measures, recognizing the ideal time of olive harvesting, selecting a quality oil mill for processing and proper storage of olive oil, which is the goal of this event.

You can see the results of the gold, silver and bronze medalists and oilseed winners in the attachment.