Školjka harmony singing festival

Like Venus who floated on a shell, but also like the shell itself, ships and sailors hide the secret of their beauty in the spiral depths from which a breath of the universe flows.

This breath of acoustic miracle which flows form within shells also awaits you at this unique festival where the stage has been constructed in the shape of a shell. Instead of Venus, on the shell-shaped stage for 12 consecutive years now, the best quality klapa (acapello groups) in all their musical beauty from the Zadar and Šibenik-Knin Counties have been performing, together with the best klapa singers from all of Croatia.

The specific qualities of this festival lay in the fact that it represents the beginning of a type of educational centre for klapa singing. Heading down this path is the winter klapa school of singing, the only one in Croatia which is turning into a traditional gathering of klapa and their leaders.