Materine u┼żance

Off the paths trod by armies, outside the routes sailed by ships armed with cannons, lived women, who history never noted because history has always been a story of wars, conquering armies, burning and plundering. These women also lived among all these famous and less famous pages of history; they are our mothers, wives, daughters. While noting the wondrous uniforms of conquerors, history never noted the folk clothing worn by women. While the armies fortified themselves with the blood of the defeated, history never noted the food the women prepared and laid forth to eat before the victors or the defeated. Their skills, crafts and beauty were never noted. Of all the women throughout history, only those women whose beauty caught the eye of rulers and soldiers of any kind were noted. That is why this event is the beginning of the story of a great history of the region ÔÇô the history of women.

Come to MATERINE U┼ŻANCE, to the stone streets of an old locality, among the walls of times long past and taste the food of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers: ─îu─çke, gnocchi, boiled octopus, shellfish, pr┼íut (smoked ham), cheeseÔÇŽ salty and sweet: almonds in sugar, mimice, fritule and kro┼ítule (traditional desserts) ÔÇŽ Everything is prepared, mixed and cooked before you a number of times throughout the summer. Come and have a taste, the story has no end.