Nature parks

Nature park Telašćica

Spend one day in the most beautiful and largest natural harbour in the Adriatic Sea. Explore the bay of 13 islands and islets, swim in the salt lake Mir, dive in the vicinity of wild and steep cliffs, and do not miss the view from the Grpascak gazebo. The scent of numerous Mediterranean herbs will be a healing and therapeutic accompaniment.

Nature park Velebit

If you are heading from the north to Pakoštane, it is best to choose the Adriatic road. During the drive you will have the opportunity to enjoy the magical connection of the Velebit stone and the turquoise sea. The 150 kilometre long mountain provides you with a variety of excursions. Explore the depths of Velebit at the excursion site of Cerovačka caves. You will find the most beautiful blend of gray stone and blue sea at the Zavratnica Bay. The Educational Trail of Terezijana in the north Close will give you contact and coexistence with nature, and at the foot of the southern slopes of Velebit, the Educational trail of Kudin Bridge will show you the luxuriant waterfalls of the Krupa River, while on the Educational Trail Starigrad Senjski you can get acquainted with autochthonous coastal vegetation.

Nature park Vransko jezero

This largest freshwater lake in Croatia, as well as the rest of the region, has a turbulent and noble history. Once the multiply larger morass, through heroic self-sacrifice and perseverance of noble Borelli, was turned into a picturesque lake - a Nature Park. With its countless old backwaters, today it is the great Pakoško field, a land of agriculture that has fed this land. Some legends say that in the depths of the lake sleeps a terrible dragon, but what is not a legend is the Ornithological Reserve, the natural habitat of water birds. On sunny winter days approximately 100,000 birds splash on the water, enjoying the mild climate and abundance of food. The abundance of fish and fishing on large fish is everyday life on Vrana Lake. It is not rare to catch a monster up to 200 kg, mostly catfish.