Maškovića Han


Mašković Han has an accommodation capacity of 14 double rooms, of which there are 10 rooms with a French bed, and 4 separated beds or twin beds and 2 deluxe apartments. The apartments and rooms have SAT TV, safe, mini bar, air conditioning and a bathroom, and every bathroom has shower gel, shampoo and hair dryer. The apartments are 40 m2, and the double rooms are 21 m2.



A mosque used to be on the site of today's restaurant. The restaurant contains preserved elements of the mosque such as slots in the walls that served for the gallery and arches around the windows and doors. The restaurant represents Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine. The gastronomic offer includes fresh seasonal foods purchased from local suppliers.



The museum is located within a facility with a permanent exhibition of artefacts that were found in this area. The artefacts were mostly found during underwater archaeological research in today's harbour in Pakoštane. The most numerous artefacts date back to the ancient times. There is also a collection from the middle ages and more modern times in which you can see jewellery found along Vrana Lake on the archaeological site of Crkvina. Regarding the Turkish period, the gravestones and cannonballs found here during the renovation of Han are the most significant. Provided also are the services of professional visitor guides, where the visitors are educated about the creation of the Han and historical attractions of Vrana.



The gift shop and wine shop, in addition to the rich offer of souvenirs and fine wines, also offers olive oil and other products of domestic suppliers that are based on organically grown ingredients and traditional methods which are characteristic for this region.

Apart from the above offer, Mašković Han, thanks to its special appearance, is also an interesting space to organize weddings, christenings, receptions, as well as various seminars and other events.